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Victor Flaherty

Owner/ Father

Vic started Plants for all Seasons when he was only 21 years old and now after years of hard work and dedication he has been able to step aside and allow his 4 amazing children to run the day to day operations of the nursery. In his free time Vic enjoys golfing with his longtime friends, traveling, and maintaining his own mini oasis at his home.

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Kelly Flaherty Kock

Manager/ Daughter #1

Kelly plays the role of the manager of the nursery and is Vic’s oldest daughter. Kelly started working in the family business in 1999. She is in charge of purchasing all the plants in the garden center as well as all the beautiful pottery. When Kelly has time off she enjoys doing things with her husband Matt such as riding mountain bikes, going to the movies, and traveling to tropical locations.

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Sherri Flaherty Harrah

Hardline Buyer/ Daughter #2

Sherri is the hardline buyer and plays a supporting role to Kelly. Sherri started at the nursery in 1999 and quickly took over the purchasing of all the fertilizers, soils, and plant care products. Sherri also loves stepping out into the community with local garden clubs and presenting on garden related subjects. When Sherri isn’t working she is having a blast with her husband Greg, and two daughters Lillie Rose, and Jasmine June.

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Cody Flaherty

Solutions Sales Associate/ Son #1

Cody came to Plants for all Seasons in 2002. Cody loves spending his time at the nursery assisting customers with all their product needs. Organic gardening is Cody’s passion and he enjoys sharing his knowledge on the topic with everyone!! His excitement for edibles can be felt in any conversation! Cody met his wife Cat at the nursery and are enjoying the early years of marriage. Anyone that has spoken to Cody knows he is totally in love with his 3 Dachshunds and spends most of his free time snuggling with his puppies.

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James Flaherty

Outdoor Associate/ Son #2

James started working at the nursery in 2014 and is working in the tree and shrub department. James has a love for bacon and factoids!! When James isn’t working you can find him at trendy foodie hangouts, or spending time with his super amazing and beautiful children Jack, Auggie, and Maggie.

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Cat McGlynn Flaherty

Lead Cashier

Catherine came to us in 2007 straight out of high school. Cat is in charge of the cashiers and she also orders the gifts and seeds. Cat has a lot of hobbies and interests, gardening, crocheting, cooking, shopping…….and the list goes on!

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Geoff Thimons

Veggie and Herb Sales

Geoff is our resident organic farmer. He started working in our veggies and fresh herbs in 2014. When Geoff is not at work he is busy growing micro greens to supply local restaurants and hanging out with his wife Kelsey. Geoff and Kelsey welcomed their first child in 2015!

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Matthew Vance

Sales Associate/ Brew Master

Matthew is always found in our breezeway area at the nursery assisting customers with products and solutions. Matt has such a helping heart! If he sees someone in need, he is the first to offer assistance!! Matt is our “Brew Master”. Every Tuesday Matt handcrafts a fresh brew of compost tea, ready to serve to your plants by Thursday. When Matt is not at work he loves entertaining with family and friends. If Matt’s around watch out cuz he is always ready to get the party started!!!

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Jamie Munoz

Plant Maintenance

Jamie is our gentle giant:-) and in charge of all tree and shrub maintenance. He has been with us since 2003 and has one of the most important jobs at the nursery. When Jamie has a day off he enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife Juanita and their two children.

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Nelson Sandoval

Ground Maintenance

Nelson is our miracle gift from God!! He’s been with us since 2012, not sure how the nursery survived without him!!! Nelsons main job is grounds maintenance, but he does anything from carpentry to plumbing to minor electrical work. When Nelson is not working, he is busy with his wife and 2 beautiful children.