Gardening Essentials: Tools of the Trade

Whether you’re brand new to gardening or are looking to refuel your fire once again, starting with the essentials is key. And in the world of gardens, it all starts with your tools. Whether you’re unsure what you’ll need or what they’re used for, we’ve made sure to put it all down in a handy-dandy list so you can skip the guesswork and confidently kick off your garden project with a bang.

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Fighting Fire Ants

While here in Texas we might not have kinds of plummeting temperatures that have us packing on the parkas, we can still get enough of a chill to leave our plants shivering in their beds. And without the luxuries of a cozy blanket and a nice, hot cuppa Joe to keep them warm, we need to know they’ve got what it takes to tough it out until the warmer weather returns.

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