4 Edible Hanging Baskets For Your Outdoor Kitchen

Hanging baskets aren’t just for flowers! There are so many edible plants you can grow in baskets, and they’re just as lovely to look at, but with so many added benefits. I mean, they provide you with a steady supply of snacks—what more could you ever want?!

Not all edible plants are suited for hanging baskets, particularly those on the larger side. Leave the pumpkins in the patch, and stick to smaller plants that grow in a mound or with vines that can cascade down the sides of the container. Need some intel on the types of edible plants you can grow in your Houston hanging basket garden? Here are our favorite options at Plants for All Seasons:

The Best Edible Plants For Hanging Baskets 

Here are our favorite ornamental, snackable plants for decorating your yard, because dangling bowls of tortilla chips from the eavestroughs doesn’t really have the same effect: 


Cherry Tomatoes: We’re kind of obsessed with cherry tomatoes in hanging baskets because you get a massive crop yield, and they’re so vibrant and pretty! We love that stage when only some of the fruits have fully ripened, and a mix of green, yellow, and red tomatoes pour out of the basket like strings of jewels. 

Cucumbers: Smaller varieties of cucumbers that are meant for pickling are perfect for hanging baskets. Container-grown cucumbers actually look a lot nicer than ones grown in garden beds, because their shape doesn’t get distorted from lying on the ground. Plus, when they’re suspended above, it makes them less susceptible to garden pests and diseases. If your garden tends to get a lot of slugs, this is a super-easy way to keep those slimy suckers away from your vegetables. 

Strawberries: The trick to growing strawberries in hanging baskets is making sure you plant an ever-bearing variety. Many strawberry plants are June-bearing and will give you one giant harvest in the summer, while ever-bearing strawberries will provide you with multiple harvests throughout the summer. Plant at least three strawberry plants in your basket, and don’t be afraid to mix in some other companion plants, like mint, to fill out the container. It looks gorgeous, and you’ll have plenty of fresh ingredients for fancy summer drinks. 


Chili Peppers: For a vibrant burst of color that really brings the party vibes to your backyard, you absolutely have to get some chili pepper baskets. They look like an explosion of fireworks in all different colors! We love the fiery reds, oranges, and yellows, but you can even find some deep purple or black varieties if you want something more dramatic. 

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Tips For Growing Edible Plants In Hanging Baskets

Plant containers have pretty different conditions than a big garden bed in the ground, so there are a few tips you should keep in mind when caring for edible plants in hanging baskets: 

  • Water more often. Less soil means it will heat up from the sun and dry out faster, retaining less moisture. If there’s a particularly hot, dry spell in Houston, you may need to water them as often as twice a day. 
  • Choose a basket that’s at least 14 inches in diameter. This will allow you to add multiple plants for mixed arrangements, and to ensure that you have a significant harvest. Plus, you’ll have room for more soil, to ensure your plants won’t soak up all the available nutrients too quickly.
  • Mix organic material into the soil. Not only does this provide extra food for your plants, but it also helps with moisture retention and drainage, so that will help with the whole watering situation.  
  • Plant some flowers, too. Fruits and vegetables need pollinators, and bees love the bright colors of annual flowers, so don’t be afraid to pop in some flowers with compatible growing preferences in the basket with your edible plants. 

Don’t forget; we have delivery and curbside pickup available for all our plants and products, so feel free to call us in-store, and we can assemble your order and take your payment for you. Have fun creating your hanging garden!