The moths have risen again. Their spawn of destruction, despite our best efforts, have left their mark on our lawns and it’s only July. What do we do now? Take a deep breath, get out your rake, water can or hose end sprayer, fertilizer spreader, and swing by Plants For All Seasons to pick up a few items. You will need the following to start your path to recovery:

  • Compost
    • Nature’s Way Leaf Mold Compost or Foxfarms Happy Frog Soil Conditioner
    • For larger areas we recommend using the MicroLife Humates Plus pellet form
  • Soil Inoculate
    • Foxfarms Boomerang Liquid Plant Tonic
  • Fertilizer
    • Nitro-Phos Super Turf
    • Nitro-Phos Sweet Green
    • MicroLife Hybrid

Top Dress With The Compost

This is the most important thing you can do on your path to recovery as it is the foundation for the recovery process. Compost helps increase water retention, improve soil structure and provides a perfect habitat for soil life and new plant growth.

For small or isolated areas in the lawn apply the compost of your choice (Natures Way Leaf Mold or Foxfarms Soil Conditioner) by pouring the bag out in the area damaged by the sod webworms.  You will need about 1 cu ft for every 3 sq ft area you are top dressing. Rake the compost out across the damaged area, blending out into the non-damaged areas as well. Rake it until you see the remaining blades of grass just poking through or about ¼” thick.

If you are dealing with very large areas and need a more economical approach you can use the MicroLife Humates Plus in place of the compost. MicroLife Humates Plus is like a concentrated compost in pellet form. You can apply it to the lawn by way of a spreader in order to cover larger areas.

Inoculate The Compost and Lawn

Apply the Foxfarms Boomerang Liquid Plant Tonic. This tonic is charged with beneficial Mycorrhizae and natural ingredients to recharge plants that have been knocked down by environmental stresses and gives them a fighting chance to recover. Mix 4 teaspoons per gallon of water and apply. A heavy watering is not needed just enough to water in the compost or humates and distribute the tonic throughout the area.


During the summer we recommend either the Nitro-Phos Super Turf, Nitro-Phos Sweet Green or MicroLife Hybrid. These are balanced for our South Texas Lawns and will help encourage new growth. In October-November we will want to go ahead with our fall fertilization. Use the Nitro-Phos 8-12-16 This formula is rich in phosphate and potash for winter hardiness and disease resistance. It also provides the nutrients needed by lawn grasses in the fall to ensure vigorous initial growth in the spring. If you still have weak or bare spots in the lawn apply an application of Nitro-Phos Barricade Preemergence Herbicide.

Stay On Top Of Insecticide Treatments

The sod webworm is going to be with us well into the fall, so stay on top of treatments. Consult with our garden staff to get on an application routine to help minimize and prevent further damage. You will continue to see moths throughout the coming months. Don’t panic if you do, this is expected as they move around from untreated areas. Remember, if you are following a recommended routine you are doing your part to control, minimize, and recover.

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Sherri shares with us the products we recommend for lawn recovery and how to apply. The video is from fall 2016 so the only product changes would the fall fertilizer & the preemergence herbicide to a summer fertilizer. The product recommendations are listed in the post.