The Theme Garden For Your Astrological Sign

As much as we love digging through horoscope apps and astrology books, we’ve got one little complaint: they don’t offer enough plant-based content! If we can look to the stars for advice, then maybe they can give us some solid suggestions on which plants to buy. After all, each star sign has its own unique preferences, habits, power colors, and ruling elements, so with some strategic design and a cohesive theme, you can create the perfect garden to suit your astrological sign. 

We teamed up with an astrology expert to determine the best garden themes for every sign. Take a look and see which themed astrology garden fits your astro-aesthetic!      




Aries: Desert Garden

This ultra-fiery sign is tenacious, courageous, and headstrong, with noticeable confidence in the way they carry themselves. While they can be a bit hot-headed, their temper is short-lived, and their passion and determination often lead them to great professional success. They aren’t afraid to make a statement with their clothing—let’s just say Elton John and Lady Gaga have Big Aries Energy.

A desert garden brings the fiery heat, and the distinctive architectural elements that cacti bring to the landscape are so visually compelling. Tall, towering saguaros surrounded by clusters of prickly pears, barrel cacti, and spiky agave plants create a stunning landscape that has plenty of personality and attitude. Red is the ultimate power color for Aries, so plant some red aloe or Desert Red sedum for maximum impact. For the finishing touch, add a bonfire pit with some bright red chairs!      




Taurus: Tea Garden

Taureans are often labeled as the stubborn bull, but deep down, they’re total teddybears who just want to kick back, enjoy some tasty comfort food, get cozy, and cuddle up. They often have a great natural talent at creating beautiful and pleasant things because they’re so in touch with their senses. Well-decorated homes, outfits that are the perfect combo of comfy and cute, and delicious, elaborate recipes are their specialties.

A Taurus will get plenty of use out of a tea garden, as they’ll always have a reliable source of aromatic, flavorful herbs and flowers to brew into teas, simple syrups, kombuchas, and probably several other trendy beverages we haven’t even heard of before. Plant fragrant edibles like lavender, hibiscus, and the tea leaf plant: camellia sinensis. Green is their power color, so be sure to plant lots of leafy herbs like lemon balm, mint, and basil!    




Gemini: Shakespearean Garden

Geminis have the gift of gab and are born entertainers, always cracking jokes and making astute observations. Their brains are full of random facts, which they love sharing. Mercury, the planet of communication, rules this air sign, so these lecturers rarely seem to run out of wind! They’re fluent in sarcasm and thinly veiled metaphors, and their playful nature can win them friends, but can also lead to some hilarious mishaps and foot-in-mouth situations. 

A Shakespearean garden is a perfect setup for those charming Geminis who love diving deep into nerdy hobbies and interests. Shakespeare, the king of clever prose, mentions 175 different plants in his plays and sonnets, so fans of the playwright have begun growing gardens that feature some, or even all, of the 175 specimens! We can already imagine the Geminis taking their friends for a tour of the garden, pointing out each flower, and quoting the passage in which it’s referenced. A rose by any other name still smells as sweet, but yellow roses are the best variety for a Gemini’s garden! 


Cancer: Moon Garden

Cancer is a sensitive caretaker sign that’s fiercely protective of loved ones, highly sympathetic, and in touch with their emotions. Cancer is ruled by the moon, the ultimate feminine sign, so they have a natural tenderness about them, and they like to make their home comfortable and inviting. They can sometimes be a bit quieter and more reserved but can communicate subtly in other ways. 

Moon gardens are full of white, night-blooming flowers, like jasmine, that reflect the moon’s delicate glow. And, it just so happens that white is the power color for Cancer, so they’ll feel right at home in their twinkly, white night garden. Add in a gazebo, and this water sign can sit out and enjoy the sights, scents, and sounds of their gorgeous garden in the rain. Sounds pretty perfect!   


Leo: Perfume Garden

Leos are bold, big personalities who aren’t afraid to shine under the spotlight. While they don’t constantly need attention, they certainly don’t mind it—they get a thrill from getting dolled up and earning achievements and praise. There’s something quite magnetic about them, and their confidence and passion draw in many admirers. They’re ruled by the sun, so it’s not uncommon for the room to feel a little brighter when a Leo walks in. 

A garden full of fragrant botanicals will captivate the romantic Leo’s senses, who will love the regal air surrounding them after applying their homemade perfume blends! Plus, they’ll enjoy bragging that they grew all their own perfume plants and preserved the tinctures all by themselves. Leos shine brightest in orange and gold, so be sure to add scented blossoms like orange freesia and yellow roses to make rosewater—a luxurious skin toner!   




Virgo: Apothecary Garden

While often touted as the studious and hyper-organized sign, we often forget Virgo’s most valuable quality: their helpfulness! Virgos’ wealth of knowledge, combined with their willingness to support others, makes them a perfect resource for home remedies, health advice, and creative solutions to everyday problems. This earth sign might seem rigid at times, but they’re really quite in touch with nature and have a knack for harnessing plants’ many magic powers. 

Plant a beautifully arranged garden with medicinal plants and herbs in perfectly aligned, easy-to-navigate rows, and the Virgo in your life will swoon! Chamomile for insomnia, lavender for hypertension, oregano for colds and viral infections, echinacea for sore throats—there are so many powerful plants that you can grow for wellness purposes! Soft, creamy shades like sand and butter yellow are best for Virgos, so try planting other medicinal edibles like calendula and chamomile. 


Libra: Zen Garden

Libras are skilled mediators and peacemakers, and they’re usually quite conscious of maintaining a sense of balance in all aspects of their life. They’re social butterflies who love to go out and let loose with friends, but they also really value their time at home to recharge and take a breath. They don’t like to rock the boat, but they want to help keep it steady and make sure everyone aboard is happy. Venus, the planet of love, rules this air sign, so they have a tender, romantic side that often results in the habit of dreamily sighing and projecting positive intentions into the world.  

A zen garden featuring feng shui design elements and ambient sound will set a Libra’s mind at ease. Hang some delicate wind chimes and plant some wispy ornamental grasses to get a sense of the wind’s breezy movement. Arrange decorative stones and other features in an artful, minimalist layout that jives with feng shui tradition. Pink is the power color for this sweetheart sign, so some pink flowering phlox would make a gorgeous groundcover to fill in the gaps between stones, fountains, and sitting areas.




Scorpio: Goth Garden

Scorpios are mysterious, deep, and—dare we say—sexy signs, with piercing eyes and a thing for dark clothing. While they are quite passionate and courageous types, they are much calmer and more calculated than the feisty Aries or the impulsive Sagittarius. There is a seriousness about Scorpios that sometimes leads people to think they’re a bit older than they are, but with this perceived wisdom comes respect! 

An all-black goth garden would suit the dark, brooding nature of Scorpios. Though they may seem tough on the outside, Scorpios are emotional water signs who are just more low-key about their sensitive nature and private about their feelings. So, after they plant their goth garden, they can blow the dust off those Evanescence CDs and make a night of it. 

Surprisingly, many of our favorite garden plants and flowers come in black or nearly-black varieties, like heuchera, sedum, petunias, and pansies. Also, red is another power color for Scorpios, and we’re pretty sure that’s an entirely acceptable accent color for a gothic design, so you can feel free to add in some roses and other dramatic red plants.  




Sagittarius: Exotic Oasis

Free-spirited Sagittarius is always on the lookout for a new experience or adventure, and they always crave travel and exploration. Their open-minded nature makes them interesting and entertaining talkers, though they have a blunt nature that sometimes catches people by surprise! Their sharp sense of humor, habit of playfully teasing their friends, and questionable dance moves earn them “Life of the Party” status.    

While it would be any Sagittarians dream to hop on a plane on a whim and head to a tropical island, that isn’t always realistic. Instead, bring on the oasis vibes with vibrant tropical flowers like bougainvillea and hibiscus, set up a little cabana bar, and light up some tiki torches—Sag is a fire sign, after all! Blue is their power color, and while true blue flowers are a rare find in the gardening world, a Sagittarius would love the challenge of exploring our greenhouse to find some!   


Capricorn: Automated Robo Garden

A practical, sensible sign with incredible foresight and planning skills, Capricorns are known for being excellent innovators and strategists. “Work smart, not hard” is their motto. They do tend to be a bit materialistic, as their motivation to get that bread and buy sweet new gadgets tends to be the driving force behind their infallible work ethic. Their eye for good craftsmanship and a need for organization makes them great project managers, though some might say they can come off a little robotic. 

By that logic, a wholly automated garden maintained by a team of robots is pretty much the Capricorn dream. Automated sprinkler systems that detect soil moisture levels and release the perfect amount of water every time, all while recording the app’s data on Capricorn’s cell phone? Perfection. Robot weeders that roll around the garden like a Roomba and pull out all the weeds while keeping the flowers and plants intact? That’s a must-have. Brown is the power color for this Earth sign, so make sure you’ve got some nice wood features like benches, planters, and repurposed driftwood, and apply a nice layer of brown bark mulch to conserve water and regulate soil temperature.  




Aquarius: Pollinator Garden

Aquarians are passionate advocates who love sticking up for the underdog and creating radical, positive change. They’re also quite creative and tend to have a bit of an artsy, bohemian style of dress. That eccentric, flower-crowned hippie at Burning Man who dances with a glow-in-the-dark hula hoop while giving out free hugs and kombucha? That’s an Aquarius. And, you might want to ask them what’s in that kombucha before you take a sip. 

Creating a pollinator garden would be an ideal project for an Aquarius because they can create a quirky, colorful design layout while supporting local wildlife and the ecosystem. Pollinator gardens use native plants that are low-maintenance and easy to grow because they’ve naturally adapted to thrive on their own. Pollinators like bees, butterflies, and birds naturally gravitate towards native plants because they’re the most familiar. Remember only to use organic, chemical-free pest and weed control measures to keep the good bugs safe! Icy blues and silvers are Aquarian power colors, so you should definitely plant some maiden silvergrass and blue plumbago! 




Pisces: Water Garden

There’s something so dreamy and sweet about Pisces—as a water sign, they’re sensitive and emotional, but they’re said to have the sharpest intuition out of all the signs, and tend to border on psychic. Get a Pisces to pick your lottery numbers for you! The fish is a fitting symbol to represent this sign, as their hearts and minds are always swirling with daydreams, ideas, and feelings, like a pond full of koi fish!

Make a water garden by installing a pond, filling it with water lilies and other aquatic plants, and border the pond with wildflowers that thrive on the banks of marshes and rivers. The results will look just like a scene out of a Monet painting, which will satisfy Pisces’ idealistic, dreamy nature. And really, if you aren’t adding a few fish into the pond, you just won’t get the full Pisces effect. Their power color is soft, pastel purple, so planting some pickerel hyacinths and irises around the pond’s edges will complete the look. 


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