Hummers Are Here!

In a flurry of acrobatics and antics they defend their feeders and gardens, as they pass through on their annual fall migration. They are a beloved visitor by young and old alike. With their presence Plants For All Season’s  becomes a buzz with all the stories and excitement these tiny wonders bring. [...]

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Sod Webworm Lawn Recovery

The moths have risen again. Their spawn of destruction, despite our best efforts, have left their mark on our lawns and it’s only July. What do we do now? Take a deep breath, get out your rake, water can or hose end sprayer, fertilizer spreader, and swing by Plants For All Seasons to pick up [...]

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Sod Webworms, They’re Back.

“Moths! I see moths!” seems to be the topic of conversation happening here at the garden center. After what we deemed to be the sod webworm apocalypse last year it isn’t any wonder that people are jumping in their cars and racing to our location to bulk up in preparation for this years impending doom [...]

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The Basics For A Thriving Lawn

Have you ever stepped back and looked out across your lawn and really considered that it is alive? That it is a living, breathing, eating organism that in order to thrive needs the right attention and nutrition to reach its full potential. With improper attention and nutrition our lawns can become weak, sick and die.  I think so many times we get into patterns of behavior that we don’t stop to smell the fresh cut grass. We forget our lawns are alive and we go through the motions of our lawn care routine with the basic knowledge of make it green and kill the weeds. […]

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Let me off this roller coaster

This is a typical Winter in Texas, one day it's winter and one day its Spring, then back to Winter we go. It's always a wild ride, and if you're a gardener, you just want off the ride so you can get busy growing stuff. Although the weather isn't cooperating, there is still a ton [...]

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