The Best Christmas Trees In Houston

The 4 Best Christmas Trees At Plants For All Seasons

Why Our Christmas Trees Are The Freshest In Town

Trendiest Christmas Tree Color Palettes For 2019

At Plants for All Seasons, we won’t carry just any old Christmas trees—we only sell the best of the best, the creme de la creme of holiday evergreens. Have you ever excitedly brought home a fresh new tree for the holidays, only to come home from work the next day to find all your carefully-wrapped gifts covered in needles? Yeah, that won’t happen with our trees. We know a thing or two about keeping evergreens looking fresh n’ fierce all through the winter, so if you’re in search of some Christmas trees in Houston, we’ve got you covered. 


The 4 Best Christmas Trees At Plants For All Seasons

Not all evergreens are the same—some have that intoxicating pine scent, and others are relatively scent-free. Some are big and sturdy like a wrestler, whereas others are dainty and flexible like a ballerina. While there are different features and benefits to each tree we carry, we’re very picky about the kinds we keep in stock, so you won’t wind up bringing home a total dud. Leave that to your aunt Carol, whose questionable choice in boyfriends never fails to make Christmas dinner more interesting. Here are the four favorite trees we’ve specially chosen to carry in-store to ensure your holiday display lasts longer than aunt Carol’s average relationship.   

The Nordmann Fir is downright adorable. It’s plump and bushy, with a perfectly symmetrical shape that’s almost cartoonish. It has incredibly vibrant emerald green needles that hold on tight. While it doesn’t have much of a scent, this makes it a fantastic option for folks with allergies or scent sensitivities. 

The Noble Fir has shorter needles and branches, so it’s got a bit more of a dense and compact appearance. It’s nice and sturdy, so it can hold onto your heavy glass ornaments without the branches flopping over. If you’re worried about your precious heirloom Spice Girls Christmas 1997 ornament smashing into smithereens, the noble fir is for you. The needles aren’t too sharp either, so decorating won’t be a pain. A noble fir Christmas tree is definitely the best at holding onto its needles, so it’s super long-lasting. Plus, it has that traditional look and nostalgic smell we adore. 

The Fraser Fir is very fragrant, so if you’ve been spending a fortune on fancy essential oils for your reed diffuser, just opt for one of these trees instead. It has dark green needles on branches that point slightly upward, so it’s a bit more compact and doesn’t take up as much space as the bushy Nordmann fir. Frasers are another option with great needle-hold, and stiff branches that can support heavy ornaments without flopping. Similarly to the noble fir, its needles are a little softer, so you won’t get poked as much while you decorate.

The Douglas Fir remains a popular choice year after year because it’s affordable, it has a spectacular scent, and its glossy, lighter green needles are so elegant. Its needles are softer and less prickly, and they will only drop prematurely if your tree is in desperate need of some water. It’s a bit smaller than a lot of other evergreen trees, and it’s important to note that its branches are a bit softer and flexible, so you definitely won’t want to put your heavy, breakable ornaments on this one. Some garland, lights, and those dainty snowflake ornaments will be perfect. 

Why Our Christmas Trees Are The Freshest In Town

Now, we don’t just go around chopping trees and putting them up for sale all willy-nilly. We’ve got a system, so you don’t end up with a dehydrated tree that’s already half-dead. Santa would not approve of that kind of conduct. The moment we cut our trees, we put them in water, so their stumps don’t dry up and harden. Hardened stumps reduce their ability for water uptake later on, and we don’t want that. We also give them a dose of SUPERthrive, which is pretty much the equivalent of a vitamin-packed protein shake for your tree. The product sets them off on the right foot, so they can soak up water and stay lush and green all winter. 


Trendiest Christmas Tree Color Palettes For 2019

Looking for a little inspo for how to decorate this year? We scoured the web for the most beautiful, modern color palettes for holiday decorations and ornaments, and these were the three that topped our list of favorites: 

Rose Gold Christmas Tree: Rose gold is having such a moment, and we are living for it. This feminine metallic has that gorgeous rosy pink tone that’s just subtle enough, so your tree doesn’t end up looking like you stole it from Barbie’s Dreamhouse. String your tree with simple white lights, or LED lights on copper wire, and then grab an assortment of rose gold ornaments in different shapes and finishes. A mix of glittery ornaments, glossy metals, and matte finishes will add tons of visual interest to a monochrome palette.   

Black and Gold Christmas Tree: For some serious drama, black and gold is the way to go. This swanky palette oozes glamour and avant-garde modernity, so if you like to shake things up and get a little “extra,” string on some warm-toned lights and some shiny black and gold Christmas balls. If you’re an artsy type who likes DIY projects, you can pick up some gold paint markers and draw stripes or swirly designs onto some black ornaments, for a personalized touch.   

Iridescent Mermaid Christmas Tree: This ocean-inspired color palette is the bomb dot com. Think blue, teal, gold, purple, and anything with that swoon-worthy iridescent finish, like mother-of-pearl. See if you can find some themed Christmas balls with a mermaid scale motif, or draw some on yourself with a set of metallic paint markers. Fish, seahorses, and any other aquatic accouterments will fit this theme swimmingly. Skip the traditional tree star and top it off with a starfish to max out the cuteness!  

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We’re all geared up for holiday decorating and can’t wait to help you all get started. Visit us at Plants for All Seasons, and we’ll help you find a fabulous tree for your home, plus all the other add-ons to make your home extra merry and extra bright!