6 Patio Design Ideas For Shelter From The Sunshine

Is the Houston heat starting to melt your brain after lounging around on the patio in the afternoon sun? It might be worth it to add some decorative features or make some structural changes to your patio to increase the amount of shade. While we all love to get some sun once in a while, it’s no secret that it isn’t safe to do it for long periods without some SPF, and it will make your skin wrinkle faster than a tomato plant in a drought! 

For a fun summer full of patio hangouts that won’t leave you panting in the sweltering heat, explore some of these creative design ideas to increase shade in your yard!  


Plant More Trees

Obviously, as plant-obsessed gardeners, our first recommendation is to add some more trees to your yard. While it may take a little while for them to grow big and tall, it’s certainly worth the wait, because they can actually save you money in the long run! Having a well-shaded property can reduce the need for you to crank the AC, saving you money on your monthly bills. Plus, they increase your property value significantly!

We love fruit trees and flowering trees to add color and visual interest to the landscape, but you can also opt for taller shrubs and bushes like bougainvillea. The vibrant blossoms will totally transform your yard, and you can enjoy the sight much more comfortably in that cool shade.


Get A Jumbo Patio Umbrella

Instead of the typical umbrella that sits in the middle of a patio table, you can get a freestanding umbrella with an adjustable stand, so you can aim the shade to wherever you want it to cast down in the yard. Get one in a bold statement color or fun, trendy print to add a little attitude to your outdoor décor! The best part is that they’re non-committal—you can move your umbrella around wherever you like, so if you want to soak up the sun one day, you can just pack up the umbrella or place it in a different corner. 

Build A Pavilion

A pavilion is kind of like a cross between a gazebo and a canopy. It’s a permanent structure, like a gazebo, but it’s got that gorgeous fabric draping like a pop-up canopy. Remember that scene from Spice World where they’re all sitting in that dreamy outdoor clubhouse with all the colorful pillows and breezy drapes? Of course you do. Well, that’s pretty much a pavilion! Build one in your yard, and invite your squad over to drink wine and argue over who’s the coolest Spice Girl (psst, it’s Ginger, obviously). 

Put Up A Fence

While a fence doesn’t exactly provide much shelter when the sun is directly overhead, during the afternoon, it can cast some shade in the yard along the side. Set up a lawn chair, grab a book, and you’re good to go! Fences are also great for adding some privacy in the yard, which is great on those hot summer days where you feel like lounging around in a bathing suit.


Install A Pergola And Cover It In Vines

A pergola is essentially a slatted wooden overhead covering for patios, and they add so much romance and elegance to your outdoor design. While they don’t provide total shade, you can train your vining plants to grow up the pergola and fill in the gaps with lush, green foliage. To seriously amp up the wow-factor and make it the perfect setting for late-night wine dates, weave in some twinkle lights!  

Go Tropical With A Palapa

If you really wanna bring on the tropical vacation vibes while still providing some great shade from the sun, build a palapa hut (or lounge bar!) in your yard! That thatched roof look is so fun and carefree—you’ll feel like you’ve been whisked away to Jamaica! Keep in mind; you’ll need to invest in a good blender, because what’s the fun in hanging out in a tropical palapa if you don’t have the fruity tropical blended drinks to match? Peach bellinis, anyone?

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