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What are Zones?

While here in Texas we might not have kinds of plummeting temperatures that have us packing on the parkas, we can still get enough of a chill to leave our plants shivering in their beds. And without the luxuries of a cozy blanket and a nice, hot cuppa Joe to keep them warm, we need to know they’ve got what it takes to tough it out until the warmer weather returns.

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Lawn Care Calendar

Let’s be honest: everyone envies a beautiful, healthy lawn. The kind that turns people’s heads while they’re out for a Sunday drive. The kind that makes your whole landscape look put-together and well-maintained. That lush, green lawn has always been a prestigious accomplishment, sometimes valued over abundant blooms. This is because maintaining a perfect lawn is hard. But with our seasonal lawn care calendar, it’ll be no time before you have a lawn that’ll have your neighbors wondering just how you did it.

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When to Plant an Edible Garden in Texas

Backyard edible gardening has been picking up steam in Texas over the last few years, with folks of all walks of life making the most of their garden space, no matter how big or small it may be. Somehow, eating healthy is just so much easier and more exciting when you’re raising your own fruits and vegetables at home - plus it provides unbeatable flavor you just can’t buy at a store.

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Understanding Fertilizers

Understanding Fertilizers Organic vs. Inorganic Fertilizers Pros and Cons of Inorganic Fertilizers Pros and Cons of Organic Fertilizers Making Sense of Fertilizer Labels We all love to get fed. Whether it’s around the table at the holidays, or out of the town with your significant other, we often choose our food based on [...]

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Soil 101

Soil 101 What is Soil? Kinds of Soil What is a Soil Amendment? How to Amend Your Soil Soil. It’s the backbone of your garden and the foundation for all your plants. But, as important as it is to gardening, it’s not the prettiest thing to look at. Soil may not be the [...]

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Winter Plant Protection in Texas

Winter Plant Protection in Texas Protect the Plants Water the Roots Winterize the Pots Winterize the Lawn Winter is a busy time of year. Between the kids’ Christmas concerts, holiday get-togethers, and the flurry of gift wrapping, it can seem impossible to get a moment to ourselves to even think about our outdoor [...]

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