10 Romantic Alternatives to Flowers for Valentine’s Day Gifts

Every Valentine’s Day, we get loads of inquiries about alternatives to flowers as a gift, so we put together this list of our top picks! Now, we don’t have anything against cut flower bouquets, but wouldn’t it be nice to have a gift that doesn’t flat-out die after two weeks? Just sayin’! 

Here are our favorite romantic gifts for her and for him that make amazing alternatives to cut flowers. Your sweetheart can enjoy these gorgeous plants for months or years to come.


Romantic Gifts for Her

For a Valentine’s Day gift with all the beauty of a cut bouquet, but with 100x more staying power, opt for one of these flower alternatives! Your love will be thrilled to receive such a thoughtful gift!


plants for all season alternatives to flowers valentines pink kalanchoe


Pink Kalanchoe

This gorgeous flowering succulent has all the color (and cuteness) of a bouquet of pink flowers, but with a much longer shelf life! Its glossy, succulent leaves have lacy, scalloped edges that add a sweet, Valentine-y look. The flowers won’t fade quickly either—kalanchoes can bloom for as long as six months at a time! 


Peach Tree

If the peach emoji comes up frequently in text message exchanges with your SO, why not get her a peach tree? Novelty aside, a gorgeous blossoming tree that produces juicy summer fruit is a straight-up amazing gift. February is a perfect time to put a new tree in the ground, because the ground isn’t too hot from the sun, and the root system won’t get shocked. 


plants for all season alternatives-to-flowers-valentines african lily gift tag


African Violets

Who could resist the velvety soft leaves on these adorable houseplants? All the plush cuteness of a stuffed bear but much easier to integrate into your grown-up home decor. The flowers are perfect for Valentine’s Day, in a stunning assortment of colors like icy lavender, deep indigo, rich magenta, and candy pink! There are even variegated versions with multicolored flowers, or container arrangements with several different varieties all planted together. 


plants for all season alternatives to flowers valentines heart shaped hoya


Hoya Kerrii

Stop the presses, hold the phone—these are the cutest succulents in the history of houseplants. These adorable houseplants start out as a single heart-shaped leaf poking out from a tiny pot, and if that doesn’t make your heart melt, you might actually be a robot. As they develop, more of these sweet little Valentine leaves pop up along its twisting vines. Let them dangle, or train them around pretty trellises! They even produce flowers—round clusters of star-shaped pink and white flowers bloom at their stems’ ends. 


Rose Bush

If your Valentine has a soft spot for roses, why not give her a rose bush that blooms over and over, year after year? Personally, we think that’s a way better alternative! We have so many colors and varieties that make spectacular gifts—shrub roses, climbing roses, and other dazzling blossoms that really bring the romance. If you like, you can even arrange for our planting services to transplant your roses for you! 


Romantic Gift Ideas for Him

Flowers always seem to be the go-to gift for the ladies, but what about the gents? These awesome plants are always a hit with the boys. They’ll definitely be stoked to receive one of these as a Valentine’s Day gift. 


plants for all season alternatives to flowers valentines moon cactus


Moon Cactus

Say “I love you to the moon and back” with a funky little moon cactus! Also known as “grafted cacti,” these weird plants are kind of like little Frankenstein creatures. The top portion is fused to the cactus beneath, and that’s how it gets all its nutrients. The top half can no longer make its own food through photosynthesis and ends up losing its green color. The result? All sorts of wacky shades like neon yellow, pink, red, and purple!   


Potted Lemon

If your dude likes to dabble in the art of bartending, a dwarf lemon tree will be the perfect gift to level up his bar game. A twist of lemon grown from his very own tree? That’s a solid way to flex on your friends when they come over for some drinks. Potted lemons can even be grown indoors as long as you keep a consistent watering schedule, fertilize it regularly, and provide it with lots of light. And honestly, they look so cool as houseplants, so they’re totally worth the upkeep. 


plants for all season alternatives to flowers valentines pepper plant


Pepper Plants

What is it with guys and hot sauce? If the man in your life is obsessed with trying the latest hot wings and pepper sauces guaranteed to provide a near-death experience, buy him a pepper plant! There are so many crazy varieties out there—ghost peppers, dragon’s breath, Kung Pao peppers, Carolina reapers, Sharks with Laser Beams on their Heads…Okay, we made up that last one. Grab a few different varieties as a gift for your man, so he can start making his own custom hot sauces at home! Expert tip: encourage him to try blending his hot sauces with fruits like pineapples, blueberries, or peaches, and ferment them for a more full-bodied flavor.


Bonsai Tree

So, your hubby has been binge-watching Cobra Kai and keeps practicing his karate moves in the garage? Get him a bonsai tree! We love the newfound interest in bonsai trees that’s sparked ever since Ralph Macchio made his karate comeback on Netflix. This gift will provide your guy with an activity that’s relaxing and fun and far less likely to break any furniture (or his femur). Bonsai!


plants for all seasons alternatives to flowers valentines bromeliad



For the storybook romance (or bromance) in your life, give a bromeliad as a gift! These wild and wonderful houseplants bring a burst of color into your space, with their colorful bracts all splayed out like exploding fireworks. You know, like the ones that burst in your heart every time your love enters the room? Yeah, you can use that one in the card. You’re welcome!  


What Can I Get Delivered Instead of Flowers?

Plants for All Seasons is happy to provide citywide delivery for houseplants, flowers, trees and shrubs, as well as gardening supplies and outdoor decor. We just require a $25 minimum order! Delivery fees are calculated based on distance. For more information, feel free to give us a call at the shop.

If you’re stumped on where to buy personalized gifts for Valentine’s Day that are sentimental without being too cheesy, plants are the way to go! There are so many more incredible varieties to choose from in-store, so visit us soon to find the perfect plant for your special someone.  


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