Surprise Mom With A Custom Container This Mother’s Day!

There’s nothing like presenting mom with a handmade gift on Mother’s Day—it’s so much more special and sentimental! But, for those of us who aren’t as crafty, the last time we made a DIY Mother’s Day gift was back in elementary school. (Though, to be fair, it was a pretty spectacular macaroni necklace.) If you really want to knock it out of the park this Mother’s Day, make her a custom container arrangement full of colorful flowers and foliage. Don’t forget to emphasize how you made it all by yourself! Moms dig that kind of thing. 

Designing A Custom Mother’s Day Container Arrangement

Most flowers and plants are pretty gorgeous—as far as gifts go, they’re usually quite well-received. Even still, it helps to put a bit of effort into planning. If you personalize it and show that you put some thought into what went into it, your gift will be that much more special. Here are some tips for designing a container arrangement that Mom will be delighted to display outside! 


Take Note Of Her Favorite Colors And Design Aesthetics

First thing’s first, figure out Mom’s favorite color. This is your starting point! Next, determine if she leans more toward soft, subdued color schemes, or if she’s into brighter, high-contrast palettes. Take cues from how she decorates her home to help you get a sense of her taste. Finally, decide if you’re going for more of a warm-tone or a cool-tone. From there, you can pick some accent colors that will suit your color scheme, and then choose your flowers and foliage plants accordingly.

Creating a Color Scheme

Not sure how to figure out a color palette? Let’s say she loves the color lavender, and prefers soft, subtle tones. Lavender has a bluish undertone to it, so you’ll want to stick to a “cool” palette—that means colors with shades of blue, purple, and silver. Choose tall, lavender-colored flowers for your main accent, a subtle complementary color like white for your secondary flowers, and then pick a cooler, bluish-green foliage plant to complete it. For example, try purple salvia, white bacopa, and licorice plant, which has gorgeous, dusty blue-grey foliage.  

Alternatively, let’s say she loves bright orange and loves wild and vibrant color patterns. Orange has a warm tone, and looks particularly good with other fiery colors like red, yellow, or purple. Accent plants in any of those shades will look awesome. A foliage plant with a warmer, more yellow-green tint will really pull it all together. So, you could do some orange cannas, paired up with some yellow or red petunias, with some lime green creeping jenny to trail down the sides of the container. 

Figuring out a pretty color scheme and finding the perfect plants is actually pretty fun! If you aren’t super confident in your floral design skills, it never hurts to do a quick search on Instagram or Pinterest to get some inspiration. Find some designs online that you think they’ll like, take note of the flowers used in the arrangement, and try to recreate something similar! 


Custom Container Layouts

If this is your first foray into container arrangements, don’t worry, there’s a super simple formula to follow for making your planter look good! You’ll want some tall, flashy plants to put in the very middle, with some shorter, more mounded flowers and foliage all around it, and then bordered by a leafy plant that spills down with long vines over the edge of the container. This technique creates a balanced, elegant look where each plant is in clear view and isn’t blocked by any others. Use a potting soil made specifically for container plants, and gently transplant them together in your chosen planter. 

Before you go ahead and purchase your plants, there’s one last thing you should check: the compatibility of your plants. A quick Google search will tell you what your plants need in terms of water and sunlight. So long as your plants all like the same things, and grow at similar speeds, you shouldn’t have any issues. If instead, you end up getting a slow-growing plant that prefers dappled shade, and an aggressively fast-growing plant that needs tons of sun, it’s going to be hard to keep all those plants happy in the same home. If you’re unsure of the compatibility of your plants, feel free to ask one of us at the shop, and we can help you figure out what’s going to work.


Picking Your Container

Having a nice container to put your arrangement in will really complete the look. You can go for something neutral like a simple terracotta pot, but sometimes it’s fun to go all out! Break out the paints if you feel like getting crafty, and make your own DIY design! 

Alternatively, you could pick out one of the colorful pots that we’ve got in store. There are so many pretty motifs to choose from, and if you can find a colorful pattern that jives with the flowers you’ve chosen, it will look awesome. It’s a good idea to choose a container with some drainage holes in it. This will help to prevent water from building up in the container and drowning the plants’ roots—that would be a huge bummer! 


Or, Let Us Create One for You!

If creating a container garden for the Mom in your life just isn’t in the cards this year, don’t worry—we’ve got your back. Our Pot to Trot service is all about custom-creating designer pots she’ll absolutely love. We’ll start with a brief consultation on the look you’re going for and help you choose the perfect pot for the finished product. She’ll be blown away by the design, and you’ll get all the credit for creating it!

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Mother’s Day is going to be here before you know it, so hurry into the store to pick up everything you need! If you’d prefer to have your items delivered, or if you want to arrange for curbside pickup, give us a call, and we can process your order over the phone. Have a happy Mother’s Day, from all of us at Plants For All Seasons!