Privacy Please! The Best Trees and Shrubs for Bordering Your Property.

This past year had us spending a whole lot of time at home and in our yards, and we quickly realized how amazing it is to have some privacy screening for our properties. Those of us who like to sunbathe out on the lawn know that it’s a heck of a lot more comfortable to do it alone in peace, without nosy neighbors peering in! 

Here is a list of our favorite trees and shrubs you can grow here in Houston to create a solid border around your property. 



The Best Trees for a Privacy Fence

The best trees for fence lines tend to be a bit shorter, so their leaf canopy can block sightlines. Many dwarf ornamental trees, especially those that flower, can create absolutely beautiful borders. You can also opt for evergreens with lush, densely-packed foliage that begins low on the trunk. 


What is the Fastest Growing Evergreen for Privacy?

If you’re looking for small evergreen trees in Houston, Plants for All Seasons is your go-to place. Since you probably want your border trees to develop quickly to create an effective screen, you’ll want to choose evergreens that grow super fast!

Japanese Blueberry trees seem to grow at hyperspeed, gaining 4 feet of height each year! However, if you want to keep them to a smaller size, you’re going to have to do a lot of pruning. If you have a large area you can do your best Elsa and “Let it go, Let it go!”  It will grow to 15’ wide and 20’ tall.

Thuja Green Giant is another fast grower that gains 3 feet every year, with a tall and slender form that creates a lush wall of greenery when planted in rows spaced 6 feet apart. 

Wax Myrtle grows about 2 feet per year, reaching up to 6 feet wide and 10 feet tall, but you can easily prune it to keep it to a more manageable 5 feet.



Ornamental Trees for Fencing

Little Gem Southern Magnolia has wide, thick leaves that effectively block sightlines, and its lovely fragrant flowers are sure to be a hit! The white blooms against its dark green foliage create an elegant and dramatic effect. 

Slender Silhouette Sweet Gum trees grow fast and stay cylindrical.  Planted 8-10’ apart along a fenceline makes a huge statement and a natural fence!

Crape Myrtles are some of Houston’s all-time favorite trees, with beautiful bark that peels off in delicate sheets and ultra-vibrant summer blooms. Don’t overdo it on the pruning! While some gardeners insist you need to chop off tons of branches off the top of your tree each year, the experts say otherwise. Check our tutorial on how to prune crape myrtles to achieve the best results.



Great Shrubs to Make Your Lawn More Private

The best privacy shrubs are a bit on the taller side, with dense foliage that can be easily shaped and manicured to create a solid wall of greenery. 

Holly is a gorgeous, glossy evergreen shrub that boasts colorful berries late in the year. It isn’t exactly a fast grower, but it’s incredibly hardy and easy to care for, and its vibrant color looks spectacular all year round. There are many different varieties to choose from, some reaching colossal heights of 60 feet, while others stick to a more modest 8–10 feet. 

Wax Myrtle is a terrific option if you prefer more subdued, neutral color palettes. Its light grey bark, olive-tinted leaves, and dusty light-blue berries add a subtle pop of color to the landscape that looks soft and dreamy.  

Glossy Abelia is a semi-evergreen shrub with delicate white and pink flowers that attract butterflies like magnets. It’s super low-maintenance, requiring a little bit of light pruning in late winter or early spring. Major pruning and shaping should only be done every 4–5 years. 

Morning Glory Tree is technically a shrub, despite its name. You’ll absolutely love its flowers, in icy crystal shades of amethyst purple and rose quartz pink. The best part? It blooms all year round! 

Thryallis is one of our top picks here at Plants for All Seasons. It really is underrated! We absolutely love its golden yellow blooms, and it’s completely deer-resistant, so you won’t have to worry about your thryallis getting munched up by Bambi and his pals.


There are plenty more trees and shrubs where these came from! Want to see the full collection? Swing by Plants for All Seasons to see all the goodies available for spring 2021. Now is a perfect time to get planting, so hurry on down to get first dibs on the best new landscape plants for your property!


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