Spring 2021 Garden Collection: A Fashion Show of New Perennials and Annuals

While style gurus around the world eagerly anticipate the launch of couture designer spring collections, we’re here swooning over the new perennials and annuals bursting onto the scene in 2021. Honestly, designer fashion is great and all, but there’s no denying that the best floral prints come straight from the garden, not off the rack. Plus, flowers are a lot more affordable than Fendi! 

For those of us whose invitation to the Met Gala mysteriously got lost in the mail, we can still get our fix of high-fashion colors, patterns, and textures. Just add some of these stunning new annual and perennial flowers into your garden!


Style Spotlight: New Perennials For 2021

Hostas are pretty much a garden essential if you’ve got a lot of shade and tree cover.

These brand new perennials are making waves this year, with modern styles and fascinating colors that have major staying power. Plant them in 2021, and your garden will be lookin’ fab, fresh, and totally on-trend for years to come. 




Dianthus “Paint the Town Red” 

Dianthus seems to have taken a page out of Gucci’s style guide! The signature red/green color palette emblazoned with golden bees has adorned countless designer handbags and shoes, and now you can get the look in your garden! Cardinal red flowers against rich green foliage are sure to attract bees like Gigi Hadid attracts the paparazzi.  


Heuchera Toffee Tart 

This ultra-luxe foliage plant can only be described as 24-carat gold, glittering opulence. New leaves are seen sporting a warm amber color frosted with silver highlights, but as the season progresses, it transforms into a richer, ginger shade. Plant them in the shade to bring a warm glow to those darker corners of the garden.


New Hostas for 2021: Eclipse of the Heart & Blushing Blue

Hostas are pretty much a garden essential if you’ve got a lot of shade and tree cover. This year, we’ve got two new stars on the scene, ready to light up the landscape with a show-stopping display of vibrant foliage: Eclipse of the Heart and Blushing Blue. Eclipse has breathtaking crystal blue leaves trimmed with creamy butter yellow that fades into ivory. Blushing Blue looks stunning in an oceanic blue-green hue, and deep red stems that add a subtle streak of color onto each leaf.




Echinacea “Sweet Sandia” 

The very definition of Flower Power, these tie-dye psychedelic blooms look like they’d make a groovy flower crown for 60’s supermodel Twiggy. A little bit London Mod, a little bit Woodstock, and a whole lot of fabulous! Purple-pink petals appear as though their tips were dipped in lime green dye, for a cartoonishly cute flower that will leave you “California Dreamin!”  


Hibiscus “Summerific: Spinderella” 

The perfect pinwheel shape of these candy pink hibiscus blooms are reminiscent of the flirty, flowing skirts of Parisien designer Christian Dior. Rich red centers add a touch of romance for a glamorous, feminine look that is sure to turn heads. 


The Latest Looks: New Annuals for 2021

The best thing about new annuals is that you can experiment with new styles! So, if you want to explore the latest looks but don’t want to commit to anything long-term, this is the perfect opportunity for you to take a whole new approach to designing your garden. Cue the makeover montage!




Supertunia “Royal Velvet”

If you binge-watched The Crown in one weekend and have been left craving a little royal regality in your life, this new Supertunia is perfect for you. The luscious, velvety petals of this deep purple beauty are effortlessly elegant—and we really mean effortless! With minimal upkeep and no deadheading required, this vigorous grower will trail down the sides of its container like the train of an organza gown. Diana would certainly approve.




Petunia “Main Stage: Glacier Sky”

This stellar new annual is totally out of this world! Serving up some serious galactic glamour is the Glacier Sky petunia—each flower looks like the view from the window of a spaceship! White blooms with a circle of deep midnight purple, speckled with little white flecks create a gorgeous starscape, bringing effortlessly amazing astrological style to your garden design. 


Begonia “Double Delight: Blush Rose”

Are they begonias, or are they roses? Who cares, they’re gorgeous. We haven’t seen a designer crossover this beautiful since Roy Halston teamed up with Andy Warhol. These ruffled, rosy coral blooms are lightly tinged with sunny yellow centers, creating a beautiful blushed effect that’s simply dreamy.


Strawberry “Berried Treasure: Pink”

Okay, these strawberry plants are total game-changers. Nobody saw this one coming! This is more shocking than when the Olsen Twins made the shift from solving mysteries straight-to-VHS to becoming some of the most powerful fashion designers on the planet. Often dubbed a garden plant that’s strictly for function, this fruit-bearing plant has undergone a total glow-up, with rosy pink flowers that continuously bloom for months. 




New Guinea Impatiens “Infinity: Blushing Crimson” 

Impatiens are absolute style powerhouses, loved for their vibrant color and beauty, but with vigorous growth and resilience that makes them easy to grow with little effort. We’re always excited to see what new colors are released every year, and we’re really digging the Blushing Crimson shade. Each pink petal looks like it’s been dusted with rouge, bringing out a sweet, bashful blush that’s oh so adorable. 

If you’re in need of some daring new annuals and perennials in Houston, visit Plants for All Seasons to see our entire collection! With so many wild colors and innovative styles to choose from, 2021 could likely be the year for your best garden ever!


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